Attention nonprofits: this is for YOU.

You do good work. You’ve been around a long time or you just celebrated your fifth anniversary. Your membership is all over town or all over the country–or all over the world.

Whether you’re established or are just getting started, whether your membership is local or far-flung, how do you stay connected? How do those folks learn about your latest successes and goals?

Do they know THEY make THE difference?




So how do you keep ’em coming back for more?

If your members, donors, and supporters vanish in the mist… if you worry about maintaining your organization’s mission … if another quarter goes by without your newsletter or magazine or blog … then this message is just for you.

Here’s why:

Keeping your people engaged with up-to-date news and information is critical.

Because there’s a cost to not dealing with this.

If you ignore it, it just gets worse.

I get it: it’s hard to stay on top of everything because not-for-profit employees wear many hats. You’ve got to accomplish your mission, work with your board on programs and initiatives, and let the world know what you’re doing. But sometimes the communications tasks get kicked down the road or put off for another day. Sometimes that day never arrives.

Have you ever visited a website of an organization — and the blog hasn’t been updated in two years? Or the newsletter gave up the ghost in 2014? It makes you wonder: did they close up shop or what?

Do you give up and quit reading — and never return?


What most organizations do is … more of the same.

If your communications have fallen by the wayside and you want to ramp up again, you might do the following:

  • Assign the communications task to an already over-worked staffer.
  • Hand the publication over to an intern. Who leaves. Like she’s supposed to.
  • Task a board member with the job, which is a distraction from the job of being a board member.

And, last but not least:

  • Do nothing.

And what happens if you do nothing? Or if you keep doing what you’ve always done?

Then you keep getting what you’ve always got.

Well, we know how that works.

I’ve got an answer that works.

What if:

  • You had your publication ready to go for the next board meeting?
  • You had weekly blog posts?
  • You had something current for your donors?
  • You had something current for your donors and an informative “back list”?

And most of all:

What if you met your communications goals and kept everyone in the loop?  

If your staff needs help to grow your message, I can help.

I’ve spent my career in government, higher education, social justice, and the arts. I’ve managed publications and written blog posts, helped with tag lines, interviewed the people who benefit the most from an organization’s work, and kept the process moving forward.

Call or e-mail to set up a time to talk. Tell me what you need and we’ll see what I can do.

You have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that will lead. Is that really where you want to go? Take a new action, and get a new result: keep ’em coming back for more.